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Indie 101: The Ultimate Guide Book to the Independent Music Industry in India:

Indie 101: The ultimate guide to the independent music industry in India is the definitive book on navigating and succeeding in today’s music industry.The book provides key industry insight regarding management, record deals, live touring, PR, concert and festival production and publishing applicable to new and experienced artists, artist managers, promoters and anyone keen on making music their career.This book is the first of its kind; which focuses specifically on the Indian music market and is therefore indispensable for anyone interested in music. Indie 101 features interviews from prominent music industry professionals like Vishal Dadlani, Monica Dogra, Keshav Dhar, Atul Churamani, Tim Clark, Peter Jenner and more; making this a one-stop shop for all things related to the music business in India.

This is brilliant, what a book…the only information treasure out there” –

Subir Malik (Parikrama)

The survival guide to the music industry by Ritnika Nayan that every musician should read; a gem of a book by its youngest insider

Achille Forler (Universal music publishing/Indian performing rights society)

Indie 101 is thorough, insightful and informative

Nirmika Singh (Executive Editor, Rollingstone Magazine)

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PDF/EBOOK with Bonus copy of HUB:

Goethe-Institut, MGMH & Samrat B. released India’s first book on electronic music – HUB

Released in 2010, Hub is India’s first and only anthology of electronic music – a legitimate record of everything that’s past and currently happening in terms of music, artists, events and more. The book hopes to create further awareness of Indian electronica via distribution of information, which has not been done before. The published material serves as an official statement for and about the people involved in this field and will enable cross-cultural exchange of artists and ideas.

This book includes:
  • History: A brief history of electronic music and the impact of technology on music in India (1982 to current).
  • Artist Profiles: Complete profiles of electronic bands & DJ’s, each containing detailed information about the artist, their discography and contact information. Covers 60 plus artists from India and Indians settled abroad. The book itself spans over a 1000 artists from 1982 to now.
  • Features: A collection of features like Impact of music technology in India, Role of electronic music in Bollywood, The Asian diaspora success story and more to highlight and critically examine the impact of electronic music in India with respect to prevailing tastes, lifestyle, clubs and the various fringe and lesser-known facets of this rising subculture.
  • Resources: This section of the book will be most beneficial to music industry counterparts when they want to establish a working relationship with India. It contains information and contact details of most like Artist Booking & Management Agencies, Venues, Online Music sites and Sound & equipment vendors.
  • CD: The book also includes a CD compilation of songs by select Indian electronica artists (around 11 tracks). You can download a digital version here: